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Mary Garden is the Australian author of two books...

Mary Garden - Author The Serpent Rising - a Journey of Spiritual Seduction
- based on her years in India in the 1970's as a "guru junkie"
- revised edition released November 2003
Coming Together - a Journey through Passion

- a collection of poems

She also assisted Bernard Gunther in the production of a collection of the writings of Rajneesh: a book called Neo Tantra - Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh on sex love prayer and transcendence, published by Harper & Row, New York, 1980.
For four years she held a major role in the Black Possum Publishing Co-operative based at Maleny in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, Queensland.

She worked on most of their community anthologies of poetry, cartoons, recipes, short stories and artwork. She was the co-ordinator and production manager for their 1993 publication Flights of Fantasy; the production manager for the Black Possum Diary 1993: We are the world, we are the people and the co-editor for the Black Possum Diary 1992 - A Celebration of Life.

Over the summer of 2002, after reading and being inspired by Stephen King's On Writing, she decided that she was going to become a full-time writer, focusing on feature articles until she wrote her next book. Within a few months she had a major article examining the myths of divorce published in Australia's newspaper of "most weight" - The Australian Financial Review. Other successes have followed.

Published works and articles


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Book Review

1991, review of Natural Gardening and Farming in Australia by Jeffrey Hodges, Consciousness (ATPR & AIPR joint newsletter), Christmas, 1991.