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View people's creations using Peruzi beads

This beautiful mixed media bag has been created by our own fabric queen, Bianca, and incorporates a large Peruzi imitation turquoise cabochon. For more info on Bianca's work, read her Blog here.

Bianca says:

"This piece is a handbag I have been working on for a few weeks, I still have to insert the lining but that is such a fiddly business, I might need to take a really long deep breath prior to starting that task. Purple and gold fabrics with silk accents peeping through buttonhole stitches and a beautiful cabochon gifted to me by Peruziís Natalie Fletcher - thanks Nat, the closeup is for you.

This bag is once again the result of online Holey Moley fibre workshops, I rather got stuck on the first session with the topic Holes hence the button holes. Iíve used some fern green sari silk ribbon yarn gifted to me by Helasmus, under transparent tule layers, and patches of a dark plum silk velvet and cut away the tule after machine embroidering the layers together"

"The backing fabric is quite subtle and needed splashes of colour, which I added by using silk pieces of fabric in shades of lime, lilac, pinky taupe and turquoise peeking thru the button holes an stitched down with hand stitching in silk and cotton and viscose threads.

The idea for the wraparound design came from Kay who sent me a lovely Haute Handbags magazine, so this really is a bag of gifts is it not?

I think that is quite symbolic, a bag of gifts. I like it very much, the universe has been kind to me".