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Created using a high quality pure white porcelain clay.

These two oversized buttons have been decorated with a vintage animal decal - there is one Cat/Kitten and one Lamb. These decals were manufactured in the late 1950's, early 1960's in Stoke on Trent, (England) so are over 50 years old. Unfortunately I was only able to get hold of a couple of sheets so these buttons will be a very strictly limited release. The decals have been fired into the clay, they are not just a rub on transfer. The buttons were finished with a clear gloss glaze before firing, then the decals were applied and the buttons fired again to fuse the designs.

Ideal for use in your own jewellery/jewelry designs, for adding embellishments to quilts and scrapbooking or for any decorative purposes.

Buttons measure approx 35mm in diameter and 4mm thick.

Pair of Buttons: $12.00 AUD