Born: Middlesbrough UK 1964. Also lived Cirencester Glos 1975, Australia 1982, UK 1987, Australia 2001

No musical background, no teaching, no ability to read or write music, no potential shown at school. Yet I decided to sing in a band at 16 years old. We played the last school disco, we were a punk band, the microphone wasn't turned on, they told me afterwards. And so began the psychological trauma of performance problems. But there was the waking up in the morning with a song in your head and needing to perform it.

Played around on cocoa cans and saucepans for drums, bought a $5 half size accousic, and recorded myself to tape. Sang over PiL songs all day, couldn't work out what I wanted to do with my life.

Went and had a life bumming around Australia, multi-track recorded using a tape-to-tape machine. Always had a guitar, still had songs going on in my head, still couldn't work out what I wanted to do with my life.

Lots of life later and same thing, then suddenly a band formed from nowhere, we were called Bird's Can't Drum and we played 18 gigs in 18 months and had a great time. Then someone invented a PC and home recording!

Finaly I had an real outlet and MIDI to record those damn songs in my head, and off I went...

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