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Forming an alternative guitar & synth based indie pop/dub band ?

I formed a band in the UK, and we entertained crowds for 18 months. I have also performed at the Woodford Folk Festival, won 2 battle of the bands comps, my bands have always been asked back. I have always performed original music. I have spent all my life watching bands, up to 400 mainstream bands in one year!

The music on this site is an example of what I've done and what I do, I have produced 150 songs, most of them to demo level in 12 years. The important part is not so much if the music is worthy, more the fact that I am doing it - which in itself is a reference of commitment.

I'm getting ready to release an album 'No Dogs No Gods', it will be sent to radio, be available on I-Tunes etc, and also be advertised around the web, I would like to play it live as well, but I can't do that on my own.

It's getting a bit dull recording at home these days, the world is flooded with music. There is more point to playing live and entertaining people - which is why music was created to begin with, it's also 10 times the buzz.

I need musicians, free thinking with the desire to say something with music. You don't have to be the best player in the world - far from it. Bands I admire are Joy Division to LCD Soundsystem - it's the formula that counts, the vibe, and the message. Playing good music is not difficult, delivering the music is what separates the heard from the unseen.

Any band that gets formed will have our own style, these songs may reflect my lyrical content, but that's about all.

Consider the possibilities, or just come along and take a ride, and we'll see where we end up, fun is #1 on the agenda, seriousness can wait :)