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The Musical History of Dave Stripé

@day 1999 - Stroud UK - 11 Tracks 47 Minutes
My first songs produced using digital multi-tracking. They are 'off the wall' and full of the feel and spirit that only first time songs can give you. Designed to be a complete movie soundtrack to the movie that still remains in my head, it will be ironic that my oldest music will become my greatest work - if that day ever comes.
@year in Oz 2001 - Maleny Australia - 10 Tracks 38 Minutes
Having moved to Australia in 2000, we finaly set up camp in Maleny, Qld, a very inspiring environment full of creative people atop the Blackhall Range. With plenty of creative energy around, I focused on better quality writing and collected these tunes throughout our first 'year in Oz'.
Blue 2001 - Maleny Australia
With many opportunities to play live around the Maleny area, my partner Natalie and myself formed a live duo playing world music and dub with some UK Indie thrown in. We played localy, and then twice at the 2001 Woodford Folk Festival, where we were well received by a 150 strong crowd, and invited back! We also won a local 'battle of the bands'. Our potential was cut short due to an enforced move away from the area. Most songs were never recorded due to the abrupt departure; this is all that survived.
Example of Sample 2002 - Bundaberg, Australia - 14 Tracks 52 Minutes
Recording through the 90's and Naughties enevitably meant dance music and sampling, and often I would doodle with these soundscapes and emerging technology. These are a collection of such tunes. I never realy consider them as thoughtful music, but as there are enough to collect together, it seemed they may as well have existance.
Suns on Fire 2004 - Bundaberg, Australia
Now living in Bundaberg, the creative energy we experienced at Maleny was well behind us. Now living in 'redneck rock cover town', our music was pointless and fell away. The music reflects this as I try to find the boundaries of rock and originality, but my need for chaos did not allow this. The results are interesting, a lot unfinished or never recorded seriously. Thanks to Brendan for some fun drum sessions.
A Look Inside 2005 - Bundaberg, Australia
For some reason I decided to play electric guitar properly, and emulated Pink Floyd and Led Zepplin in this 4 track EP. Hours of writing and rehearsal led to all guitar parts being recorded live in their entirity, one mistake and start again! It was a great acheivement for myself, as I have little skill for guitar. None of these tracks could ever be played again, they were recorded and forgotten over a four month period.
Good Old Fashioned Service 2006 - Bundaberg, Australia
And then came the Roland Juno-G, my beloved synth workstation that finaly gave me all the production tools I needed in one box. Still lots to learn, and this was my over the top production designed for a band such as Divine Comedy, way out of my scope, but a fun way of learning to use my new best mate.
Dark 2007 - Bundaberg, Australia
After that over-production, it was back to basics and time for the accoustic EP, drawn from a collection of ditties that I use to strum on my accoustic from a decade ago. Once again, little skill for guitar, but the songs are full of spirit. Intended to be called the 'Love' EP, I changed my mind due to living in dark days at the time - but that's always good for inspiration. It's a 'bare-bones me' sort of thing.
Sucker DJ 2008 - Smalltown, Australia
A new environment as we move to the country onto 5 acres of blissful peace and quiet and back to nature. The change in mood is reflected as these songs produce a more pop style up-front impression, although the title track is pure angst at still managing to be used and abused by people - once more, all good for inspiration.
V-band.de Collabs 2009 - Smalltown, Australia
I discovered on-line collaboration websites and revelled in it for 5 months, producing dozens of songs. The joys of having high quality guitarists and drummers at my disposal was massive relief from the tedium of trying to be a jack of all trades. Now I could concentrate on writing, singing and producing. This is a fantastic myriad of songs only possible through this medium, working with people from Mexico, USA, UK etc.
Kompoz Collabs 2009 - Smalltown, Australia
Things got political at V-band, so I found Kompoz, where the choice and quality was even higher for collaboration work. Only a few songs came about, most due to angst, and yet more politics, but it was all good.
New Rubbish 2009 - Smalltown, Australia
Meanwhile back on the 5 acres it was time to develop the Rock Inn, which was our purpose built studio designed to host party jamming and recording for local musicians. Therefore I created a live set for performing in the venue. It's fairly basic due to the fact that I had to be able to play guitar, sing, and sync to backing tracks. It took a while but the results were decent and unlike most of my produced music, I can still play these live..
Next Stop 2010 - Smalltown, Australia
Now into the realm of constant steady production and enjoying the space and freedom to do so, I simply bag up songs and ship out the albums. 'Next Stop' incinuates that I will continue to move forward and develop. These songs are starting to be either more complex, or more simple in a complex way. This is something I am now discovering from 12 years of solo working, the whole process is faster, more 'live', and enjoyable.
For My Ears Only 1999-2008
These are not tracks, they are sketches that never got completed nor deleted. They mean something to me and are pointers for my future music making. As the title says 'For my ears only', if you want to listen you may, but you have been warned. There's a decade of thoughts here, and a few more still stuck in my head, It's kinda wierd singing a song to yourself for that long.
No Dogs No Gods 2012 - Smalltown, Australia
Still in production - go to my soundcloud page to hear tracks