My first collaboration at Kompoz, I took a guys tune and did a Talking Heads style lyric. It was designed as a demo of my songwriting and intonation for an introduction of myself to the site, so I played on that theme in the lyric. The lyric also reflected my reasoning for defection from the collaboration site. Then a guitarist did a cool wah guitar over the top.

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Change is Coming

Erm hi

I'm new here

Just taking a look around

This looks real

It's an ok sound

But I want more

Cos I see

I see

Cliques that I don't need

I see

Sycophants that make me tear out my hair

I see

Exit doors over there

I see

Life just isn't fair

It just isn't fair

I see

Kompoz Collaborations

Change is Coming (Crispy Mix) (2.21)

Indie Funk

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