Inspired from the GrapeStomp festival, I came home full of Blues thoughts, slow guitar and starring Bob on piano :)

This song reflects loneliness, missing having someone else to have fun with, and the realisation that this means you have total control and no one to answer to except yourself. Treason is the ultimate crime against others, but within your own mind it is a viable option.


Strolling along

Don't get me wrong but I'm feeling lonely

Feeling low

Show 'em how low Bob

Walking along at the seaside

Don't know which one could be the fun ride

There's no-one by my side

I see no reason

There shouldn't be treason that I can find

Not one reason

There shouldn't be treason in my mind

I need to find something that rhymes with money

That isn't Funny

Maybe get me some honey

That's what I'm talking about

No Dogs No Gods

Treason (4.00)

Indie Blues

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