A story inspired from the passing of a friend. This is my imagined transition of his journey from life to spirit, the thoughts and confusion he would be experiencing as he makes this journey. The 'truth show' is the realty of death.

Truth Show

This is the truthshow

it comes with apologies and

this is the truthshow

it gets you on your knees and

makes you pray

this is the wrong road

it's not the one I was searching for

I seem in the wrong mode

this isn't one that I've felt before

this is the wrong room

not the one worth staying for

and these are the wrong robes

I could swear that I've never wore

I'm fade to grey

I've fade to grey

this is the wrong road

this is the wrong mode

this is the truthshow

and this is the wrong room

No Dogs No Gods

Truth Show (2.52)

Indie Pop

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